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Vehicles are an inevitable element of today’s world, with umpteen models adorning each and every nook and corner of the planet. The birth of the automobile and its periodic evolution through the ages is indeed an interesting topic to many and is worth a thorough study. It is thought that the modern automobiles that we see on the roads these days are the result of more than 100,000 patents!

First Automobiles

It’s said that the very first real motor automobile came into existence only in 1885. Till then, steam powered automobiles were in use. Despite the fact that it was believed that steam powered automobiles came to be invented as early as 1672 by Ferdinand Verbiest, little details is available nowadays of his creation. The main credit for the same goes to a French engineer and mechanic, Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot, whose steam driven military tractor which was built at the Paris Arsenal, was employed by the French army to haul up arms and ammunitions.

Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot’s Vehicle – First Car In the World

Cugnot’s car consisted of a fundamental wooden chassis, with a boiler and steam engine mounted at the front. The seat, the steering tiller and the brake pedal was positioned behind, and the whole vehicle ran on three wheels, which usually resulted in loss of balance. It also needed to stop each and every 15 minutes or so to permit steam to build up again. The energy obtained out of burning fuel was utilised to heat water that made the steam. This resulted in the growth of pistons, which turned the crankshaft that turned the wheels of the automobile. However Cugnot’s invention had a very short life due to troubles like instability as well as failure to meet the Army’s stipulated performance level.

Worlds First Motor Automobile Accident

Incidentally, Cugnot designed a different model of the steam powered vehicle in 1771, which he accidentally rammed into a stone wall as a result of over speeding, resulting in the worlds first motor car accident, after which he had to unceremoniously shelve his experiments.

First Internal Combustion Engine

It was in 1807 that a Swiss inventor, Francois Issac de Rivaz came out with the 1st internal combustion engine. A mixture of oxygen and hydrogen was employed to generate the power required to power this engine, and de Rivaz created use of this engine to create a motor vehicle too which resulted in a car measuring a single ton in weight and six meters in length! The impracticability of this model made it hugely unsuccessful. Later on, a number of other creators like Samuel Brown, Samuel Morey, and Etienne Lenoir also tried their hand unsuccessfully in building internal combustion engines capable of powering automobiles.

Nevertheless it is indisputably agreed by historians that Nicolas Cugnot was indeed the inventor of the world’s very first automobile. That being the fact, it’s also undeniable that the world’s early steam powered automobiles had been indeed automobiles.

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Vehicle owners around the world today are usually faced with a large number of issues and stresses throughout their ownership. There are many costs and complications that are attributed to being required of drivers that are quite extensive and can quickly add up to creating a significant amount of complication and stress in the process. Anyone facing this issue should know the steps in choosing a great assurance auto policy to ensure they gain as much as they can from this overall process.

Car insurance is now quite commonly utilized among vehicle owners around the world today. The French call this type of coverage assurance auto in that it helps provide an assurance that all issues and damages faced throughout the ownership process are able to be paid for and effectively covered. This is usually a form of protection that can be rather significant in overall dollar amount on a monthly basis.

There are usually a significant number of options that are available to consumers whenever they consider this type of protection policy. This can quickly become complicated to sort through when trying to determine what type of policy should be utilized throughout the life of the vehicle. People that know what to consider when making this purchase are often able to make sure their vehicle is fully protected.

Consumers often first focus on the reputation of the provider in question. Reputation within this industry is actually quite important in that it usually dictates how successful they are at providing the coverage that is needed. This usually provides the source of popularity and appeal that is needed from this type of coverage.

Receiving as many quotes as possible should also be considered within this process. Drives today are known to shop around as much as possible in order to make sure they always find a great deal on the coverage they need. This becomes the root of being confident that great pricing is a viable option for anyone interested.

The dollar amount of coverage offered in each category of protection should also be assessed. There are usually a significant number of categories that are made available from all providers that demonstrate the limits to which they offer consumer protection. These limits should be comfortable for the consumer and able to provide the ability to keep any damages covered at all times.

Drivers should also factor in any legal requirements that are placed upon this type of coverage. There are various legalities that are usually required to be kept up with throughout the coverage process. Focusing in on this coverage amount often helps people make an informed and successful decision of coverage whenever it is needed.

Car insurance should finally be chosen if there are now down payment requirements for purchase. Many consumers are known to focus primarily on the ability to only have to pay the initial payment when finding coverage. These payments can definitely be expensive whenever they are paid for the coverage that is purchased.